1973-S “Year Of The Olive Tree Collection” PROOF Coin Set

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About This Set:  This cherry-picked collection of top-shelf  1973-S Proof Coins  represents a  victorious  and  peace-driven  year in American history.

Here are some memorable events of the Year of the Olive Branch you might find interesting:
+Pres. Nixon was sworn into his second year of office, and Pres. LB Johnson passed away; the US ceased war in Vietnam, and first American POWs were released.
+George Foreman is crowned world Heavyweight Champion defeating Joe Frazier in the 2nd Round, while the Dolphins beat the Redskins in Super Bowl VII.
+The World Trade Center officially opened in New York City.
+Special education was signed into law for the handicapped, while the state bans on abortions was overturned, and homosexuality is no longer a mental disorder.
+Hip-Hop/Rap Music was born as a genre, thanks to DJ Kool Herc.

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